Forum Dvorah: Women in Foreign Policy and National Security

Forum Dvorah is a non-partisan, non-profit NGO with an active network of professional women in an array of fields relating to Israel’s national security and foreign policy. 


Our participants come from a variety of opinions on the political spectrum and from various backgrounds.


About Us

Forum Dvorah was first established in the spirit of UN Security Council Resolution 1325, which emphasises the importance of women's equal participation in national decision-making, in political negotiation processes and in all efforts to maintain and promote peace and security.

The forum provides a network of leading women in Israel in the fields of national security and foreign policy and supports the development

of the next generation of leadership among young women in these fields.


Our Vision

The equal representation of women in key decision-making positions in the fields of national security and foreign policy; within the Israeli security and policy-making establishment, and in the public discourse - based on the understanding that this end-goal contributes and enhances Israel's national security.

Our Goals

Promoting the substantial inclusion of women in national decision-making processes, and in particular in the fields of national security and foreign policy.


Supporting and encouraging young women to join the national-security arena and provide a network of knowledge and experience for women working in the fields of national security and foreign policy.  

Ensuring that women’s participation in the Israeli security establishment, and especially in the Israel Defense Forces, embodies the value of equality and enhances their full and substantial integration

Decision-Making Processes

Public Discourse

Equal Participation

Creating a Network

Broadening Israel’s national security discourse, diversifying its participants as well as the scope of the topics included in the definition of national security.

Why Now? 

This is a unique non-partisan organisation in Israel in terms of the goals and characteristics of its participants, which come from a variety of opinions and backgrounds, with the common denominator being their occupation in the security and political field.

Forum Dvorah provides a central organisational platform for leading women in Israel in the core areas of the forum, bringing them together to work for a more stable and gender-balanced democracy and to promote a more egalitarian and inclusive society.

Government and Knesset

26% of Knesset members serve in the 23rd Knesset


15% women in government

Permanent Members in the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee





IDF General Chief of Staff Forum

One Brigadier General out of 34 senior officers in the General Staff Forum


As of 2020, the percentage of senior officers in the IDF:

Letters: 18% Women: 10% Brands: 5% No champion

Political-Security Cabinet

2 service out of 25 participants in the political-security cabinet

Key Action Areas

Development of a network of women who deal with the Forum's core areas 

Networking and network development

Lectures, workshops and mentoring program

Opening doors, providing professional opportunities, assistance and professional support

Policy promotion

Writing position papers and contacting decision makers

Participation in official discussions, Academia and the media

Promoting the goals of the forum through collaborations in Israel and abroad

Roster of Experts

We are used to women being excluded from public discourse on security and political issues.

The purpose of the forum is to change this reality.


Forum Dvorah's roster of experts promotes the presence of women engaged in the forum's core areas in professional panels, conferences, media interviews, articles and discussions.

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