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Registered Membership

​Criteria for Joining: 

  1. 10 years of professional experience and / or relevant education.

  2. Women with professional / academic experience in the public, private and civil society in national security; foreign policy and public diplomacy; national resilience and "future frontiers".

  3. Committed to the values ​​of Forum Dvorah.


* Joining is conditional upon the approval of the Membership Committee

Membership privileges:

  • Peer community

  • Meetings and activities open to the association's members only

  • Participation in task teams

  • Ability to initiate and lead programs and activities for the forum

  • Event invitations

  • Access to unique content

  • Ability to elect the members of the Board of Directors and ability to be elected to the Board of Directors

Membership fee: 25-50 NIS monthly fee (or a single annual fee - 300-600 NIS)

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