Forum Dvorah 2.0

Mentoring Program for Women in Mid-Level Management

A project designed for women in the middle management level who work in the fields of national security and foreign policy.


The aim of the project is to promote women around their 30s, who have been engaged for at least three years in the core areas of the Deborah Forum by creating a professional and social networking between Forum 2.0 members and between them and the older Deborah Forum members, to use their experience and network Women who have already broken through.


The project includes mentoring programs, trainings and workshops, opportunities and professional guidance.


Among the participants: officers and commanders in the IDF and security bodies, diplomats and women in the civil service, academics, journalists, women from the third sector and more.


Today the number of women registered in the 2.0 forum stands at about 115 but we are receiving applications all the time and we want to expand our network in order to influence more women in our fields.


All events of the Bee 2.0 forum are behind closed doors, off-record and everything that is said is only between the participants in order to allow an open and open conversation.


Mentoring Program

Mentoring processes take place informally and point-by-point between senior members of the Deborah Forum and younger forum members, who are on the path of development and progress in the areas of national security and foreign policy from the very beginning.


In April 2020, we decided to institutionalize these processes in a structured way, which would complement the existing activities for the support and development of women in the core areas of the forum. In the first round of the program, 17 senior mentors and 18 mentors participated. The program is led by a member of the board of directors of the Deborah Forum, Lt. Col. Ayala Hanegbi.


In February 2021 we started a second cycle of the program and set off 20 mentors and 23 mentors!

Among our impressive mentors are: former senior diplomats in the military, diplomats, police officers, senior executives in civil society organizations and senior researchers in research institutes and academia.


No less impressive are our mantises - diplomats, civil service lawyers, researchers and lecturers, international entrepreneurs and more.



Purpose of mentoring:

Accompanying, guiding, sharing insights from the mentor's professional life experience and giving the mentor a sympathetic ear for the mentor (the one who receives the mentoring). This is not a process of personal coaching, therapy or personal counseling but professional assistance for the advancement of women engaged in the core areas of the forum.


The mentoring process includes a minimum of 5 sessions with the possibility of extension for additional sessions, assuming the joint will of the mentor and the mentor. The location of the sessions will be determined by the participants and given the instructions of the corona.

The content of the meetings offered by us (the program should be flexible and adapted to the content emphases individually for each manti):

Conduct a dialogue about successes, failures, challenges and opportunities.

How are decisions made? Where do I want to go?

"Simulations" of relationships in the work environment include collaborations, conflicts and different management styles.

Discussion on home-work-leisure balance issues

Intention for resume writing if relevant.

Previous Activities

  • "Negotiation styles" - practical tools for advancing our goals with Brigadier General Israel Oron Meeting with the German Ambassador to Israel on the subject "1325 and a career in diplomacy"

  • Lecture with Breakthroughs "Invisibility": Unconscious bias in organizations and barriers to the equal integration of women in the labor market with Lt. Col. Dr. Meital Iran-Yona.

  • Round table discussions on topics: Understanding inter-organizational politics as a lever for promotion, moving between areas of work, requesting a raise, dealing with professional challenges.

  • Speed-networking activity of the participants. "Messaging" Workshops

  • THE HOT CHAIR-style activity - a method that allows you to exhaust the wisdom of the group and take advantage of the experience of each of us. A number of participants presented professional dilemmas they are currently grappling with and the other participants contributed their thoughts on the subject and suggested ideas for solving the dilemmas.

  • Meeting on the determination and implementation of the State of Israel's foreign policy with Orna Mizrahi, former Deputy Head of the National Security Council and a senior diplomat from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

  • IamRemarkable workshop with Google Israel.

  • Dedicated meetings for a limited forum for women serving in security organizations that will focus on issues and challenges in the defense system.