Global terrorism, ISIS, al-Qaeda

Anat Hochberg-Marom

Dr. Hochberg-Marom is one of the world's leading authorities on political-marketing of global terrorist organizations. She has developed an innovative approach to confront global terrorist organizations on cyberspace and in social media. She researches and lectures on various geopolitical and strategic issues dealing with global terrorist organizations led by al-Qaeda and ISIS and their activities in the Middle East, including in Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey and in particular in Egypt. As a strategic consultant to government agencies and security institutions, Dr. Hochberg-Marom participated in discussions with high-ranking officials at several administrations around the world, as well as in various international forums. Dr. Hochberg-Marom holds a PhD in Political Science from Tel-Aviv University, Israel and two Masters Degrees in Business Administration (MBA) from Edinburgh University, Scotland and in Political Science with a specialization in Political Communication (MA) from Tel-Aviv University, Israel. She also has a Bachelor of Political Science and International Relations (BA) from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel.

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