National Security, International Law, Competitive Intelligence, and Defense Industries.

Nechama Gancz

Dr. Nechama Gancz has vast experience in the aerospace and Defense industry.

She has worked in the aerospace/defense industry for 35 years as a competitive intelligence manager and senior marketing analyst. 

In her role, she has conducted in-depth studies of national security and international law on the following topics: U.S. weapons regulations; European weapons control regulations; Arms trade agreements; Arms Embargos; Aviation law; International sea laws; Space Laws; Armed conflicts and military threats; piracy and terrorism; and UN peacekeeping forces.

During her career, she worked in international marketing and assisted the legal department in preparing contracts for the company vis-à-vis international institutions and foreign governments.

She has previously taught several courses at Bar Ilan University on economics and security, and intelligence: methodology, policy and applications. She has also lectured on competitive intelligence before trade conferences and governmental organizations.

Dr. Gancz has a PhD in International Relations from the University of Virginia, USA