National Security, International Law, Competitive Intelligence, and Defense Industries in Israel and the World 

Nechama Gantz

Dr. Nechama Gantz has vast experience in the aerospace industry. She has worked in the aerospace industry for 35 years as a competitive intelligence manager and senior marketing analyst. In her role, she has conducted in-depth studies of national security and international law on the following topics: U.S. weapons regulations; European weapons control regulations; Arms trade agreements; Embargo on buying weapons systems; Aviation law; International sea laws; Space Laws; Armed conflict, piracy and terrorism; And UN peacekeeping forces. During her career, she worked in marketing seminars and assisted the legal department of the aerospace industry in preparing contracts for the company vis-à-vis international institutions and foreign governments. She has previously taught several courses at Bar Ilan University on economics and security, and intelligence: methodology, policy and applications. Dr. Gantz has a PhD in International Relations from the University of Virginia, USA

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