international relations, nuclear proliferation, nuclear history, Israel-US relations.

Or Rabinowitz

Dr. Or Rabinowitz is an Assistant Professor at the International Relations department of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Her ten year academic career has focused on nuclear proliferation, nuclear history, and U.S.-Israel relations. She research currently focuses on why Israel failed in its efforts to develop nuclear power plants during the Cold War. Her book, “Bargaining on Nuclear Tests” was published in 2014 by Oxford University Press, and she has since published articles in International Security, Journal of Strategic Studies, International History Review, as well as op-eds and analysis at The Washington Post’s ‘Monkey Cage’, The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists and Haaretz. She holds a Ph.D. degree awarded by the War Studies Department of King’s College London, an M.A. degree in Security Studies and an L.L.B. degree in Law, both from Tel Aviv University.

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