Criminology, profiles in the fields of terrorism and crime, the psychology of terrorism, processes of radicalization and de-radicalization, the Israeli-Arab/Palestinian conflict and risk assessment

Sagit Yehoshua

Sagit is a criminologist, specialising in profiling, the psychology of terrorism and terrorists risk assessment. Sagit is a Research Fellow at Institute of Counter-Terrorism (I.C.T.), Inter-Disciplinary Centre, Herzliya, Israel, and also joined ICSR- International Centre for the Study of De-radicalisation, at King's college London as an Atkin Research Fellow in 2009. Currently, Sagit works as a lecturer at the Hebrew university in Jerusalem as well as the IDC, Interdisciplinary centre in Herzliya, Israel. She also works as a consultant for Intelligence, commercial, and privet security companies as well as a profiler and extremist’s risk assessor in Israel and internationally. Author of the book: Terrorist Minds: From Social-Psychological Profiling to Assessing the Risk,