International criminal law; human rights; international responsibility for individuals, corporate law, UN Institutions, Armed Groups, Occupation Law.

Tom Gal

Adv. Tom Gal is and associate in the Corporate Administrative and Class Action Litigation Department for Goldfarb Seligman law firm. She specializes in humanitarian law, human rights and international criminal law. Tom is also a doctoral student at the University of Geneva (UNIGE) Switzerland, in International Criminal Law and War Law. She has a Masters (LL.M) with honors in International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights (2011) at the International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights Academy in Geneva, Switzerland (The Geneva Academy) and has been a member if the Israel Bar Association since 2010. Prior to that, she worked in the Israeli delegation to UN institutions in Geneva. She also represented the International Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists in Geneva. Tom is also a founding member and the vice-Chairman of ALMA – Association for the Promotion of International Humanitarian Law in Israel.

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