Russia, former Soviet Union, European foreign and security policy

Vera Michlin-Shapir

Dr. Vera Michlin-Shapir is an expert on Russia, focusing on foreign and defense policies and on the impact of global trends on Russian domestic transformations.

In 2016-2020 she was a Research Fellow at Israeli Institute for National Security Studies, where she wrote on Russia's military and political involvement in the Middle East and its information campaigns. In 2010-2015 she worked at the National Security Council, Prime Minister's Office, in various positions dealing with Israel’s relations with Europe and with Russia.

She wrote her PhD dissertation on Russian national identity in the post-Soviet era, at Tel Aviv University. Her thesis underlined the profound and often overlooked impact of globalisation on Russian discourse on national identity and practices. She was awarded the University's Arran Prize for her research.

She has an M.Phil. in Russian and East European Studies from St. Antony’s College, University of Oxford, where she wrote on Russian-Georgian relations. She holds a B.A. from King’s College London.

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