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Forum Dvorah Experts

Alina Shkolnikov-Schwarzman

Impact, Entrepreneurship

אורנה מזרחי

Over the past decade Alina has dedicated her career to social entrepreneurship, technological innovation and strategic communication. She is a Program Officer at the Edmond de Rothschild Foundation (IL) where she manages the foundation's impact portfolio. 

Alina is the Chairperson of the Israeli Board of Seeds of Peace and board member at Forum Dvorah as well as a founding member of the One Million Lobby.

Prior to joining EdRF she managed global incubation and acceleration processes, in both the private and public sector, in her role as Manager at HPE's Innovation Program and as the Director of Content and Programs at PresenTense.

She also served as HPE SW's Innovation Program Manager, growing the company's intrapreneurship abilities globally. 

Alina is  the former Director of Content and Programs at PresenTense, where she helped run five social, technological and business accelerators, around the world.

Alina holds a MA in Military Security and Strategy from Tel Aviv University and a BA in Communications from IDC and is a graduate of MUWC India.

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