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Amira Dotan

Dispute Resolution; Consensus Building; Negotiation; Decision Making

אורנה מזרחי

Ret. Brigadier General, Amira Dotan, has devoted her entire career to public service in Israel, and to international relations between Israel and the diaspora.

Mrs. Dotan, the first woman to receive the rank of the Brigadier General in the IDF, out of a profound belief and initiation, has been working relentlessly to bring people closer together, whilst using pioneer strategies taken from the Consensus Building school.

As a member of the Kadima Party in the 17th Kneset (2006-2009), she promoted and brought forth the National Security Headquarters Act, as well as a law which obligates a thorough investigation of gender implications in every legislative action.

In 1995 she initiated and founded the “Middle East Career Women Forum”, which included many businesswomen from various countries in the region.

Since 1998 until today, she is the co-founder and co-manager together with her partner – Ret. Police Brig. General, Hanna Kotzer-Sapir – of the “Neve Tzedek Mediation Center Ltd.”

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