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Anat Avrahami Marom

Israeli society, immigration, education

אורנה מזרחי

Dr. Anat Avrahami Marom has rich research experience in building applied models on shared society structuring in Israel. 

As part of her work, Dr. Marom conducts applied social researches in a variety of organizations such as: Bar-Ilan University, Avraham Initiatives, the Kfar Reut Sadaka Association, the Western Galilee Academic College and more. 

Dr. Marom is also the head of the research and evaluation unit at the Givat Haviva Center. 

Another area of activity in which Dr. Marom is engaged is the study of immigration in the Israeli society. Dr. Marom serves as a researcher at the Institute for Immigration and Social Integration in Rupin, where she conducts applied assessment research among various groups of immigrants in Israeli society. 

Dr. Marom also serves as an evaluator for the European Union's Erasmus + project, an international project that deals with the development of academic courses on immigration. 

Dr. Marom is also conducting research in the field of education. Among other things, she serves as a consultant as part of the pool of experts of the National Authority for Measurement and Evaluation in Education, and as part of this work Dr. Marom was a member of the evaluation teams of few national projects in the education system. 

Dr. Marom lectures at the Ruppin academic center where she teaches a variety of methodological courses.

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