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Batya Kahana Dror

Religion and state, religious establishment, rabbinate, rabbinical courts, agunot, refusal to divorce

אורנה מזרחי

Batya Kahana Dror is a lawyer and until about a month ago, she was a director of the "Mavoi Satum" organization for women who were refused divorces and dowries. 

Batya has been involved for over two decades in the fields of religion and state, and has led to breakthroughs in the field of women's rights, especially in rabbinic courts. 

Shes is also currently engaged in representing women who are refused divorces and releasing agunot. 

As part of her work at the "Mavoi Satum" organization, Batya led to unique and precedent-setting rulings, achievements in the High Court, and legislative initiatives by a variety of Knesset members from across the political spectrum. 

Batya was chosen by the Maariv newspaper as the first source for 2014 for one of Israel's 10 most influential Israelis in the field of Judaism, And one of the ten most influential legal women in the religious sector

Batya has an education in law, psychology, political science and history, as well as a master's degree from the School of Public Policy at the Hebrew University. 

She is married to Micha Freier Dror and mother of 4 children lives in Moshav Nes Harim in the Judean Hills. 

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