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Carice Witte

Sino-Israeli relations, China in the Middle East, China’s foreign policy, Impact of US-China Rivalry

אורנה מזרחי

Ms. Carice Witte is an expert on China and China-Israel relations and a leading contributor to defining this field of research in Israel. 

Ms Witte initiated track II communications with China in 2011. 

Since then she has led over 1000 briefings in China and Israel, establishing a semi-annual China-Israel track II dialogue and annual China-Israel-US track II dialogue in 2017 and a Middle East Forum on China in 2020 and a Europe-Israel Dialogue on China in 2021.

In 2011 Ms. Witte initiated the establishment of Israel Studies Programs (ISPs) at the university level in China in 2011 that includes an annual program held in Israel training Chinese faculty in teaching Israel Studies.

Ms. Witte represents Israel in numerous conferences in China and elsewhere that focus on China’s international affairs, China-Israel relations, China security and global economic governance and the Belt & Road Initiative. 

Ms. Witte has authored articles, research and policy analysis papers for both China and Israel in the fields of trade, Sino-Israel relations, strategic communication and global Jewry and is sought out by the press in Israel and elsewhere to explain issues relating to China and Israel’s China relations. 

Her research focuses on Sino-Israeli relations, China in the Middle East, China’s foreign policy, Israel’s perspective on Xi Jinping Thought and its potential implications for the Middle East, Israel and the BRI.


After immigrating to Israel from the US in 1987 until forming SIGNAL, Ms. Witte pursued an entrepreneurial career in international real estate and Israeli high-tech including internet security and electronic cash, working with leading European banks including National Westminster Bank and the Royal Bank of Scotland. 

A graduate of Yale University, Ms. Witte lives in Israel with her 5 children and 3 grandchildren.

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