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Colette Avital

Negotiation, Jerusalem, and International Affairs

אורנה מזרחי

Ambassador Colette Avital is the Chairman of the Center Organizations of Holocaust Survivors in Israel, the Chairman of the Schechter Institute for Jewish Studies, and the International Secretary of the Labor Party. 

Colette has served in various prominent positions in the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

In 1999, Colette was elected as part of the Labor list to serve as a Member of Knesset, where she was a member Education, Law and Constitution, Defense and Foreign Affairs and The Status of Women Committees. 

Colette also served as the Chairperson of the Ethics Committee, and as the Chairperson of Immigration, Absorption and Diaspora Affairs Committee. Colette served as the Deputy Chairperson of the Knesset in the 17th Knesset.

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