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Einat Gaffner Goldstein

IDF, Security, NATO

אורנה מזרחי

Col. (res.) Einat Geffner-Goldstein retired from the IDF after 29 years of service. 

Among her duties, she commanded IDF training base (BAHAD 12) and led the dramatic change in women's training in the army (from separate training programs to joint training). 

She acted as an instructor in the National Defence College for senior officers within the Israeli Security system and government offices; and as the IDF liaison in NATO and defence attache in the Netherlands and Belgium from 2004-2007. 

She currently develops and guides workshops in the field of strategy and systemic thinking and works as a researcher and instructor at the Military Research Institute “The Dado Center for Interdisciplinary Military Studies”. Einat has a Masters degree in Political Science.

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