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Einat Meyron

Cyber, Resilience, Cyber and Business Threats

אורנה מזרחי

Einat Meyron is an expert C-level consultant and CSFI fellow. 

She accompanies managers and organizations through advanced assessments to attain more efficient and precise coping capacity in order to better handle the business impact of cyber events. 

The joint activity in the establishment of the assessments ensures effective identification of the enterprise-specific cyber risks and creates a dedicated playbook that includes accurate identification of triggers, threat vectors, response teams, order of operations, and a structured decision-making mechanism. 

Einat serves as a mentor to managers and security principals who understand the challenges and business risks in both the cyber threat domain as well as the business domain, functioning as a liaison between organization's executive management and the Chief Information Security Officer. 

Additionally, Einat has a seat at the INCOD’s roundtable. 

She also lectures in conferences, courses, and forums of the CPA Bureau, the Technology Association, ISACA, directors course, The Conference Association, the Haifa University, Cyber Club at the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC), Tel Aviv Yafo Academic College, Afeka School and more.

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