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Hagit Ofran


אורנה מזרחי

Hagit Ofran works at the “Settlement Watch” project at the Israeli peace movement “Peace Now”. 

She is an expert on a full range of issues related to West Bank settlements and settlement-related developments in East Jerusalem. 

Hagit’s work includes traveling daily throughout the West Bank, examining aerial photos and browsing official Israeli documents. 

The “Settlement Watch” project serves as a resource for Israeli politicians, diplomats, international media organizations, and first and foremost – for the Israeli public. 

She is one of “66 Israeli women you should know” of Haaretz daily: “women breaking barriers, defying stereotypes and wielding influence”. 

She formerly worked for The Geneva Initiative and was Yossi Beilin’s personal assistant when he was the Minister of Justice. 

She lives in Jerusalem and received her B.A. in Jewish History from Hebrew University.

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