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Miri Yemini

Education, Innovation

אורנה מזרחי

Dr Miri Yemini received her doctorate in Biotechnology from Tel Aviv University. 

She has a MA in Business, a MA in Biotechnology (cum laude) and a BA in Exact Sciences (summa cum laude). Dr Yemini has vast experience in managing international projects, including planning and execution, and has a deep understanding of the working with both the government and private industry. Miri was the first in Israel to win close to a million euro for managing a European innovation program through the TEMPUS program. 

Dr. Yemini is an active team member of the Education Team at The Taub Centre and is also a member of the public council in the Organization for Young Entrepreneurs. 

Her research focuses on entrepreneurship and innovation in the education system and on topics related to the internationalisation within the education system.

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