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Nava Eisin

History of education in Israel, education for democracy and peace.

אורנה מזרחי

Until her retirement, Naava Eisin was the director of the "Archive for Jewish Education in Israel and the Diaspora" at Tel Aviv University and the publisher of the journal "Generation for the Study of the History of Education".

She has been an academic advisor and teacher at Beit Berl College since 1999.

She is the author of the book "The Working Woman in Israel" (1975) and contributed to "Archival Sources for the History of Jews in Poland" (2001) and "Recommendations of the Committee on the Status of Women" by Ora Namir in 1978.

Ms. Eisin is also the chair of the "Adam Institute for Democracy and Peace" and a member of the "Machsom Watch".

She was a member of the national secretariat of the Histadrut and now a member of the Na'amat Center. Member of the Labor Party Conference.

She has a bachelor's degree and a teaching certificate from Tel Aviv University, as well as a certified archivist's certificate and a master's degree in librarianship and information from the Hebrew University.

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