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Ofra Ben Ishai

Socio-Military Relations in Israel, Military Models, Legitimization and Motivation, Social Implications of the Security Doctrine

אורנה מזרחי

Dr. of Sociology and Colonel (Res.) Ofra is the former head instructor in the National Security College and the head of the department of Behavioral Sciences in the IDF. 

Ofra is also an instructor in the Democracy and Security Seminar in the Open University of Israel, and lectures in the Institute for Future Leadership in Israel. 

Ofra is a board member as well as a member of the finance committee in the annual conference Army and Society Researchers of Israel. 

Dr. Ben-Ishai was deeply involved and actively participated in the formation of national social and security policy and took part in 'Think-Tanks' on behalf of the National Security Council in Israel (NSC), the Prime Minister's Office, Ministry of Defense, and on behalf of the Ministry of Strategic affairs. 

Her doctoral dissertation dealt with the issue of "From Defeating to Settling" and was dedicated to examining the transformation of discourse and in the language of the military doctrine as a tool to renew legitimation of military operations in Israel.

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