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Orit Noked

Israeli law, society

אורנה מזרחי

Adv. Orit Noked was a Member of the Knesset from 2005 to 2013. 

In her last position, Orit was Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development and before that she served as Deputy Minister of Industry, Trade and Labor. 

Adv. Noked received an award from The Israeli Association of Television Radio and Communal Communication for her activities in saving the community television centers by allocating a special budget for their continued operation. 

Orit also received an award from the Israeli Pensioners’ Association for her vast efforts to promote and protect the rights of pensioners and an award for excellence, for the years 2003/2004 given by Yad Meir and Zina Dizengoff and the Consumers Association in Israel. 

This award was given to Orit for "integrity, modesty and clean language of elected officials" and within the category of "leading a national enterprise".

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