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Ronit Ben Dor

Foreign Policy, Political-Security, Public Diplomacy, Strategic Thinking, Injury Technologies, International Law

אורנה מזרחי

Adv. Ronit Ben Dor has been a senior diplomat and legal advisor for 25 years.

Ronit has extensive experience in the international arena in both bilateral and multilateral fields.

In her current position, Ronit is a minister-counselor for non-proliferation of unconventional weapons in the Strategic Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In this context, she is leading the 'Emerging Technologies' project, which focuses on the foreign policy challenges emanating from these cutting edge technologies to the national security of the state.

Among her previous positions were the position of Minister-Counselor for Political Affairs at the Israeli Embassy in France, Director of the Department of Deterrence, preventive diplomacy and Political deterrence in the bureau for Political Planning, Director of the Public Diplomacy Department at the Israeli Embassy in London, Legal advisor on International Public Economic Law and Coordination of Inter-Ministerial Work in this context, in the chambers of the Legal Advisor of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Deputy Head of Mission at the Israeli Embassy to the Baltic States in Latvia.

Ronit holds a bachelor's degree (cum laude) in law, and a master's degree in law (cum laude) from the multidisciplinary Institute for European Studies (specializing in EU law and structures), both from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

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