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Sharon Bengio

Policy, Security, Climate, Renewable Energy, Regional Cooperation, Middle East, Palestinians

אורנה מזרחי

Sharon is the government relations manager at EcoPeace Middle East, a tripartite NGO - Israeli, Jordanian and Palestinian - that promotes regional cooperation on environmental issues, focusing on green energy and water.   

Prior to that, Sharon worked as a program manager and strategic consultant at NSI - an institute operating under the academic umbrella of Harvard University and trains senior Israeli, Palestinian and diplomats (serving in the region) in the field of negotiations.  

Prior to that, Sharon worked for 13 years in the Prime Minister's Office, as a Director for Palestinian Affairs at the Israel National Security Council and as the deputy Chief of Staff to the Head of the Intelligence Division.  

Sharon has a bachelor's degree in sociology and anthropology and a master's degree in conflict resolution and mediation, both from Tel Aviv University.

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