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Sharon Zagagi-Pinhas

Military Law; Operational Law; Administrative Law; White Collar Crime; Criminal Law; Victims of Crime

אורנה מזרחי

Attorney (Col. Res.) Sharon Zagagi-Pinhas is the former Chief Military Prosecutor of the IDF.

She served for twenty four years in the IDF in various senior positions in the Military Prosecutor's Office, and in her most recent position prior to her retirement from the IDF, she served as Chief Military Prosecutor.

In this context, she has handled many complex cases of high public importance, including the case of Ofek Buharis and the case of Elor Azaria. 

Adv. (Col. Res.) Zagagi-Pinhas is an expert in military and operational law, criminal and administrative law, and white-collar veterans.
An expert on crime victims in law, she led the IDF reform regarding the rights of crime victims, and took a significant part in the processes of strengthening the status and rights of crime victims in the country, including amending investigations and military orders.

She is a graduate of the IDF National Defense College, holds a B.A. in political science as well as a LLM (cum laude) and LLB in law.

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