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Shira Levami

Impact technologies, climate innovation, digital health, data for social purposes, climate security, health care systems, cyber in civilian infrastructures

אורנה מזרחי

Shira Levami is an interdisciplinary manager, an expert in utilizing digital technologies for public needs. 

Shira Holds three master degrees from Tel-Aviv University: Political Science, Business administration and Law. 

She served as an officer in the Intelligence Technology Unit and as an organizational consultant in the IDF. Levami has a business background at integrating IPOs and other business transactions , and at Shaldor – the leading Israeli strategic business consulting firm.   

Since 2011, Shira served as CIO and Chief Digital Officer at the Israeli Ministry of Health, where she led a system-wide digital health transformation, alongside turning the Ministry into a leading government digital player. During her tenure, Israel implemented a large scale strategy to transform the healthcare system through innovative technologies. 

Shira has social-sector experience from the Rothschild Foundation, one of Israels' leading impact-oriented philanthropic organizations.  

Shira works today at JDC-Israel to help promote an organizational digital transformation, and facilitate the adoption of innovative technological and data-driven solutions within national social challenges.

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