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Talya Gazit

Digital Transformation, Technology Education, Technology, Cyber

אורנה מזרחי

Col. Talya Gazit is the founder and CEO of G-TOS, a company that specializes in leading innovation and digital transformation.

Between 2015-2018, she commanded the Mamram unit, the IDF's technology and cyber defense unit.

Talya has a unique ability to lead innovation and digital transformation.
She has a high ability in strategic leadership, management of organizations and projects, creation of strategic collaborations and high business value to the organization.

During the Corona crisis, Talya led a project to develop a control, management and optimization system in government hospitals. As part of the project, a concept for managing a medical campaign in hospitals was formulated, architecture was designed. Furthemore,  a system was developed that includes a clinical, logistical and administrative situation, a platform for connecting to medical equipment and decision support tools for managing the Corona crisis.

She previously served as the Deputy Technology Officer of the Chief of the Technology Empowerment Division and as the Head of the Division for the Development of National Home Front Systems.

Talya also deals extensively with the promotion and development of youth from the periphery to significant service in the IDF in the field of technology and the promotion and development of officers/young women engaged in technology for senior technological positions in the IDF and the high-tech sector. She also accompanies a group of graduates with disabilities.

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