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Forum Dvorah Experts

Yael Gvirsman

International criminal law, international humanitarian law, human rights law, corporations and human rights, transitional justice, European law, justice mechanisms and dispute resolution

אורנה מזרחי

Adv. Yael Gvirsman is the Director and Founder of the first and only International Criminal and Humanitarian Law Clinic in Israel, based at the Radzyner Law School, Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya. 

She has been specializing in International Criminal Law since, both in practice and in academia. 

She has experience as a litigator in Prosecution (extradition, mutual assistance in criminal matters and cross-border crime), Defense and the representation of victims of international crime, including international terrorism. 

She teaches ICL, IHL, IHRL, Business and Human Rights and Transitional Justice both in Israel and abroad. 

She is a consultant to international organisations in her field of expertize and is a member of the International Law Association (ILA) and sits on the Complementarity Committee as well as the International Bar Association (IBA), member of the War Crimes Committee and the Business and Human Rights Committee.

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