Forum Dvorah 2.0 – Forum Dvorah’s Mentorship Program

One of the strengths of the Forum Dvorah: Women in Foreign Policy and National Security is the network of forum members, experts and professionals in the fields of national security who work together. In 2018, we decided that there is a need and demand for us to invest in the next generation, and help promote young women in the fields in which the forum focuses on. We established “Forum Dvorah 2.0”, our mentorship program.


The purpose of the project is to promote women who are in mid-level management positions, with at least three years experience in the fields of national security and foreign policy, by creating a professional and social network for Forum 2.0 members; and between them and the more senior Forum Dvorah members – harnessing the experience and network of those women who have already paved the way.


Among the participants are officers and commanders in the IDF and in other security organizations, academics, journalists, NGOs’ and more. Today, the number of women registered in Forum 2.0 stands at approximately 90, but we receive frequent requests (usually through word of mouth and through forum members recommending friends to join us).


Our Forum Dvorah 2.0 sessions are held approx. once every two months. The content of the meetings was adapted to suit the requests made by the participants themselves (via a questionnaire and conversations we held with them). Following are a few examples of the content discussed in the meetings:

  1. Round table discussions on issues such as understanding inter-organizational politics as a lever for advancement, moving from one sector to another (public-private), requesting a raise, and more.

  2. Speed-networking activity.

  3. “Pitch-Making” workshop where we received tools on speaking more effectively and convey a convincing message.

  4. The “Hot Chair” exercise - a method that enables us to utilize the knowledge of the group members and take advantage of each other’s experience. A number of participants presented professional dilemmas they are currently grappling with, and the other participants contributed their thoughts on the subject and proposed ideas for solving the dilemmas.

  5. A meeting solely focusing on women serving in the defense establishment.

  6. A session on “dealing with professional challenges” - we heard from a member of Forum Dvorah’s Steering Committee about a professional challenge she had in the past and how she coped with it.

  7. Seminar on using skills and tools from the world of "negotiation". 

We recently launched our one-on-one mentoring program which during the Covid-19 pandemic will take place online. 


Forum Dvorah 2.0 events are held off-record and by invite only, in order to allow for an open and frank discussion between participants.


For any questions, please contact via email: