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Forum Dvorah: Women in Foreign Policy and National Security is a non-partisan, non-profit NGO with an active network of professional women in an array of fields relating to Israel’s national security and foreign policy. 

The Forum was initially established in Tel Aviv in 2009 with the support of the Institute for Inclusive Security in order to promote the inclusion of women in national security decision-making processes and in peacemaking negotiations. This initiative came in the wake of UN Security Council Resolution 1325, which stresses the importance of equal participation and involvement of women in all efforts for the maintenance and promotion of peace and security. The Forum is named after the Biblical prophet Dvorah (Deborah): a leader, judge, counsellor, warrior and poet - by all standards an extraordinary woman of her time who serves as a role model and source of inspiration to this day.

Forum Dvorah provides a critical organisational platform for leading Israeli women to work towards a more stable, gender-balanced democracy and a more egalitarian and inclusive society in the context of Israel’s presently male-dominated and militarised society. It has created a network of women who are leading figures in Israel on national security and foreign policy, and is supporting the development of the next generation of leadership among younger women in these fields.  

Working towards this end, and with allies and fellow stakeholders in the Knesset, the Cabinet, and other civil-society organizations, Forum Dvorah has been instrumental in ensuring the inclusion of women in various high-level forums and committees dealing with a wide range of issues from foreign policy, security, to service reforms in the Israeli Defense Forces. The Forum’s members have also contributed to opening up the Israeli security discourse through their participation in academic, public policy and other professional panels on security-related issues in leading national and global conferences; in the Israeli and global media; and in professional journals and other publications. 

The Forum’s main goals:

  1. Promoting the substantial inclusion of women in national decision-making processes, official delegations, committees and negotiation teams, including those for regional peace-making.

  2. Broadening Israel’s national security discourse, diversifying its participants as well as the scope of the topics included in the definition of national security.

  3. Ensuring that women’s participation in the Israeli security establishment, and especially in the Israel Defense Forces, embodies the value of equality and enhances their full and substantial integration.

Our Activities include:

  • Events and seminars for Forum members, guests and the Israeli public.

  • A roster of women experts in the fields of national security and foreign policy, which keeps expanding.

  • Pro-active efforts to include more women speakers in media events and professional conferences on national security.