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Forum Dvorah

Women In Foreign Policy and National Security

Non-partisan, non-profit NGO promoting the equal representation of women in key decision-making positions in the fields of national security and foreign policy;

within the Israeli security and policy-making establishment and in the public discourse -

based on the understanding that this end goal contributes and enhances Israel's national security

Forum Dvorah develops a network of leading women in Israel in the fields of national security and foreign policy and supports the next generation of leadership among young women in these fields.

The Forum is unique in terms of its goals and the make-up of its participants, who come from a variety of opinions and backgrounds, but who are all involved professionally with the security and political fields.

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The Forum's Compass

decision making processes
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Decision-making processes

Promoting the substantial inclusion of women in national decision-making processes, and in particular in the fields of national security and foreign policy.

Eliminating Gender Gaps

Ensuring the equal participation of women in the security establishment, and especially in the Israel Defence Forces (IDF).

Presence in the public discourse

Broadening Israel’s security discourse, diversifying its participants as well as the scope of the topics included in the definition of national security.

Professional Community

Developing a network of leading women in Israel in the fields of national security and foreign policy, and promoting the development of the next generation of women leaders in these fields.

Why Now?

It is essential to have women reach higher ranking positions in matters regarding national security, which is beneficial both for the women themselves, as well as for the State of Israel.

Diverse perspectives in decision making forums lead to better results. Overall, the mere inclusion of a larger portion of the population within the pool of people competing for senior positions increases the possibility of finding and appointing high quality individuals, including high quality women.

In 2023, substantial gender equality in our fields is still a long way off. Often there is no representation at all of women in security or policy forums or there is one woman around the decision-making table.


Female Director-Generals in Government Ministries


Female Ministers


Female Officers in the General Chief of Staff Forum


Female Brig. Gen. Officers serving in the IDF


Women in the Security Cabinet of Israel


Female Ambassadors

Writing on Sticky Notes

"The various meetings with Forum Dvorah members have helped me understand the how meaningful my current job can be...
They have helped promote me professionally by giving me tools to be more prepared for discussions, achieve my goals and express

my opinions in ways they will be heard and implemented."

As we continue to make strides toward gender equality and elevate the voices of women in crucial fields, we invite you to stay engaged and be a part of our impactful initiatives. Your support is instrumental in driving positive change and fostering a more inclusive society.

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