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Forum Dvorah's Expert Roster

We have become used to women being excluded from public discourse on security and political issues. One of our goals is to change this reality.

Forum Dvorah’s roster promotes the presence of women experts in professional panels, conferences, media interviews, articles and commentators.

We would be happy to help and connect you with experts.

Click here to contact us.

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Eman Safady

Gas agreement with Lebanon, Saudi maritime space

Mei Shalev

International relations, Terrorism, The Israeli–Palestinian conflict

Miriam Rosman

History, International Relations, Israel-France Relations, European Union, France, Anti-semitism, Holocaust

Anat Regev

Corporate, commercial, civil and administrative law. Experienced with international ICC arbitration

Dvorah Chen

Attorney at Law, Former Director of the Department of Security Matters and Special Affairs, State Attorney's Office, Ministry of Justice, Israel.

Vanessa Kacherginsky

Impact Economy, Public Diplomacy, Private-Public Partnership

Tamar Hostovsky Brandes

International Law, Constitutional Law

Michal Philosoph

NATO, European Union, Foreign Affairs, UNESCO

Ofir Dayan

China, US, BDS, Israeli politics, Judea and Samaria, settlements, military spokesmenship

Noa Shusterman Dvir

Palestinians, Palestinian Authority, the Gaza Strip

Michal Zelcer-Lavid

China, Minorities in China, Chinese Foreign Relations

Shira Levami

Impact technologies, climate innovation, digital health, data for social purposes, climate security, health care systems, cyber in civilian infrastructures

Orit Adato
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