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Debby Kaufman

R&D policy, Innovation, Science and Technology, Technological social economic policy, Environment and Environmental policy

אורנה מזרחי

She serves as an R&D policy advisor at the National Council for Civil Research and Development (NCRD) which is attached to the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Technology. As part of her position, among other things, she coordinated the committee for examining areas of national priority for R&D - which recommended to the government in 2022 investments in AI, foodtech, space, etc.) and writes the annual reports of the NCRD.

Until recently, Kaufman served as a spokeswoman and strategic advisor for the Shmuel Neaman Institute, a research center for technological social economic policy located at the Technion.

Over the years, Kaufman has written hundreds of annual reports for the Innovation Authority and central bodies in the economy that deal with research and development, high-tech and economics.

Kaufman is the author of the book "Dream of a Market" which describes the inflation and bursting of the high-tech bubble from 2000. The book was published in 2003 and it provides a simple economic perspective that describes the period and the state of the economy in Israel and the world.

Kaufman has more than 25 years of experience in writing and economic analysis in the fields of technology, R&D, the environment and environmental policy, technology and economics.

She began her professional career in the 1990s as a high-tech reporter for the "Haaretz" newspaper. She later wrote personal columns for YNET, as well as for Demarker, Globes and Calcalist, and edited hundreds of economic magazines in the fields of R&D, environment, science and economics.

As part of her work, Kaufman attaches great importance to the practice of sports as an approach to life and a healthy and balanced environment. The topic of sports preoccupies her a lot, and she served as chairperson of powerlifting for the disabled for 5 years. She advocates the connection between sports and community and a healthy society, and finds in sports a restorative factor that may lead to equality and unity. In her youth, she was an athlete in the Israeli weightlifting team, after an injury she converted to triathlons, running Long marathon and Iron Man.

Kaufman is a BA graduate with a specialization in climate and a master's degree in public policy, both from Tel Aviv University.

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