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Promoting Policy


Drafting position papers and addressing decision makers to impact policy changes in the national decision-making sphere. 


Initiating, leading and actively participating in official discussions at the Israeli Knesset, government offices and agencies; as well as in academic panels and in the media.


Promoting the Forum’s goals through collaborations in Israel and abroad with decision-makers, government agencies, civil-society organizations and think-tanks.

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Recent Achievements

  • Following our call for an urgent discussion in the Knesset, the Minister for Social Equality was reintroduced into the National Corona Cabinet

  • Presenting a comprehensive comparative report to the official IDF committee examining opening more roles for women

  • Representing Israel as a member of the Civil Society Advisory Panel (CSAP) on Women Peace and Security to NATO

  • Participation in the Advisory Committee to the National Security Council on integrating gender mainstreaming in national decision-making processes during times of emergency.

  • Promoting and participating in the official inter-ministerial committee drafting a National Action Plan on UNSCR 1325

  • During Operation Guardian of the Walls our experts participated in over 100 interviews, in over 30 different media outlets in Israel and around the world

  • Dozens of meetings, collaborations and the promotion of common goals with Knesset members, foreign diplomats, gender equality advisors within the in security organizations and with other civil society organizations in Israel and around the world.

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