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Promoting Policy


Drafting position papers and addressing decision makers to impact policy changes in the national decision-making sphere. 


Initiating, leading and actively participating in official discussions at the Israeli Knesset, government offices and agencies; as well as in academic panels and in the media.


Promoting the Forum’s goals through collaborations in Israel and abroad with decision-makers, government agencies, civil-society organizations and think-tanks.

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Recent Achievements

High Court Petitions - Our Active Involvement in Advancing Gender Equality

We are proud to highlight our recent proactive engagement in two significant petitions presented to the Supreme Court. Through these petitions, we have achieved significant milestones, propelling us closer to our goal of attaining gender equality for women in Israel.

Outlined below are the particulars of the petitions presented before the Supreme Court:

  1. Equality in Combat Roles Petition: We presented a compelling petition before the Supreme Court, advocating for the acknowledgment of women's equal rights to be selected for combat roles within the specialized units of the military.

  2. CEO Gender Representation Petition: Collaborating with fellow women's organizations, we filed a joint petition before the Supreme Court. This petition addresses the issue of the unjust exclusion of women from CEO positions within government ministries in Israel. Our petition emphasizes the legal obligation to ensure appropriate representation for women as stipulated by the law.

Furthermore, our recent participation in a deliberation within the Israeli Knesset focused on the integration of women within combat formations of the Israel Defense Forces. During this session, we highlighted the legal aspect, underscoring the legal mandate for the IDF to open all its units to women.

Recent Accomplishments and Initiatives

Empowering Female Representation at Conferences: Our association is committed to fostering the active participation of professional women as panelists at diverse conferences across the nation. Our primary objective is to amplify the presence of women in professional forums. To this end, we are collaborating with esteemed speakers to advocate for female inclusion in conferences as a prerequisite for their involvement. Over the past year, we've engaged with numerous conference organizers, successfully advocating for changes that incorporate female representation within professional panels.

Memorial Day Lesson Plan for Female Warriors: Recognizing the absence of resources commemorating and honoring women who have made the ultimate sacrifice within Israel's systems during hostilities, we took the initiative to create a comprehensive lesson plan tailored for schools and the educational sector. This educational resource sheds light on the remarkable stories of courageous female warriors who laid down their lives in service and has been shared with educators across the nation.

Dvorah Forum's Collaborative Conference with the Movement for the Quality of Government: In collaboration with the "Movement for the Quality of Government," we hosted a joint conference themed "The Security System in an Era of Changes." This event delved into the impact of structural shifts on the Israeli Defense Forces and the broader security apparatus.

Dvorah JOBS Initiative: Our latest endeavor, the Deborah JOBS group, has been launched. This exclusive forum is tailored for members of the Deborah Forum and is dedicated to propelling women into prominent roles within the domains of foreign affairs and national security.

Championing Women's Presence in Media: Recognizing the significance of women's representation in media, particularly in interviews concerning foreign affairs and national security, we are dedicated to showcasing accomplished women professionals who are experts in these fields. We are committed to consistently advocating for interviews featuring experienced and esteemed women leaders through various media outlets.

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More Achievements

  • Following our call for an urgent discussion in the Knesset, the Minister for Social Equality was reintroduced into the National Corona Cabinet

  • Presenting a comprehensive comparative report to the official IDF committee examining opening more roles for women

  • Representing Israel as a member of the Civil Society Advisory Panel (CSAP) on Women Peace and Security to NATO

  • Participation in the Advisory Committee to the National Security Council on integrating gender mainstreaming in national decision-making processes during times of emergency.

  • Promoting and participating in the official inter-ministerial committee drafting a National Action Plan on UNSCR 1325

  • During Operation Guardian of the Walls our experts participated in over 100 interviews, in over 30 different media outlets in Israel and around the world

  • Dozens of meetings, collaborations and the promotion of common goals with Knesset members, foreign diplomats, gender equality advisors within the in security organizations and with other civil society organizations in Israel and around the world.

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