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Hani Davidson

Leadership development (consulting and presentations), situation evaluation and debriefing, integrating women in leadership positions

אורנה מזרחי

Hani served 25 years in the Israeli defense establishment, over 15 of which were in senior management roles. During her service she was deeply involved in training - leading several training programs, including management courses, and instructing many employees and managers in the fields of situation evaluation and debriefing.

The management roles she performed incorporated leading the units under her responsibility, some of them numbering over 100 employees and managers, to achieve their targets through optimal performance, while managing resources and budget, work plans (including performance planning, conduct and monitoring), teams and managers.

Her service also entailed a 5-year relocation to France.

She retired in August 2020 at the rank equivalent to a Brigadier General in the IDF.

Since her retirement she has been working across a wide range of advisory roles as a board director, consultant, mediator, and management development trainer. She is a member of the Team of Directors of the Israeli Government Companies Authority.

She holds 2 MA degrees – in Economics and Business Management and in in Political Science.

She is a graduate of the Directors and Senior Managers Course of the Lahav School of Management (Tel Aviv university), as well as of several courses in the field of mediation.

Before starting her career in the defense establishment, she was employed as an economist in the Banking Supervision Department of the Central Bank of Israel.

She is fluent in Hebrew, English, French and Russian.

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