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Ofir Dayan

China, US, BDS, Israeli politics, Judea and Samaria, settlements, military spokesmenship

אורנה מזרחי

Researching at the Glazer Center for Israel-China Policy in the Israeli Institute for National Security Studies (INSS) where I focus on great power competition and its influence over Israel.

I also have a weekly column at Makor Rishon focusing on politics and current events and I am a political commentator on several TV channels.

I led the Pro-Israel students’ organization at Columbia University, one of the most anti-Israel campuses in the US, where I also studies for my BA in Political Science and my MIA in International Security Policy.

I served as an officer in the IDF Spokesperson Unit and was awarded by the IDF Head of Operations for my work during Operation Protective Edge. I was born and raised in Maale Shomron during the Second Intifada and throughout the years I have been active with the Beta Youth Movement and other public efforts relating to the settlements, Judea and Samaria etc.

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