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Noa Shusterman Dvir

Palestinians, Palestinian Authority, the Gaza Strip

אורנה מזרחי

Senior Researcher, Palestinian and Regional Program Director


Noa Shusterman Dvir is a Senior Researcher at MINDIsrael, a recently founded strategic consulting NGO. She is the Director of the Palestinian and Regional research programs.

Previously, she was a Researcher focused on the Palestinian arena at the Institute for National Security Studies in Israel, and the Coordinator of the Israeli-Palestinian Relations Research Program. Prior to that, she a Research and Communications Fellow at Israel Policy Forum, an NY based think-tank.

Noa holds a Master's degree from New York University in International Relations, with a concentration on the Middle East, and was a Fulbright scholar. She has a Bachelor's in Political Science, Philosophy and Economics (PPE) from the Hebrew University.

Her areas of expertise are strategic issues relating to the Palestinian arena, such as the future of Gaza and the post-Abbas era. She often writes policy memos, as well as strategic assessments and op-eds, and is interviewed in the Israeli media. She was hosted on podcasts and gives lectures to different audiences.

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