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Eman Safady

Gas agreement with Lebanon, Saudi maritime space

אורנה מזרחי

Eman Safady the first Druze woman that graduated from the military radio station Galatz, one of the major mainstream stations in Israel.

She has a very rich journalistic experience of more than fifteen years in the field, including political communications, written journalism, investigative and analytical reporting, production and editing television and radio programs, including documentaries, media consulting for private clients. 

 She studied a BA in Communications and Journalism and today master's student in national security studies and maritime strategy at the University of Haifa, as a representative of the Deborah Forum organization.

Eman graduated from a security organization.

Expertise: the gas agreement with Lebanon according to international law. Explored the Saudi maritime space, and the naval campaign in the war between Russia and Ukraine.

In addition, Eman is researching the Israeli government's plan to develop the Palestinian economy and maintain security stability in the region, and the government's intention to promote the development of the gas field in front of Gaza (GAZA MARIN).

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