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Forum Dvorah 2.0 - Mid Level Management Program

Our program supports the development and advancement of the next generation of women leaders in the fields of national security and foreign affairs, by creating a peer network and working with senior women who have already “broken the glass ceiling”.

The program includes one-on-one mentorship, networking, seminars, professional guidance and opportunities.

Among our previous events: 

  • Round table discussions with senior members of Forum Dvorah on: understanding organisational politics; moving from one sector to another (public-private); requesting a raise, overcoming professional challenges and more.

  • Speed-networking 

  • “Pitch-Making” workshops  

  • "I am remarkable" workshop with Google Israel 

  • A roundtable with a senior member from the UK Defence Intelligence 

  • Meeting with the German Ambassador to Israel on women in diplomacy and lessons from her career 

  • Several meetings specifically tailored for women serving in the defence establishment 

  • "Negotiation workshops" with Brig. Gen. (res.) Israela Oron 

  • "From Jerusalem to Paris" a frank discussion between a senior members of the National Security Council and a senior member of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs on directing and implementing foreign policy.

Mentorship Program

Mentoring processes take place informally and sporadically between senior members of the Forum Dvorah and younger forum members since our establishment. In 2020 we decided to formalise these processes in a structured program, which will complement the existing activities for the support and development of women in the core areas of the forum.


During the first round of the program we had 17 senior mentors and 18 mentees participating; in the second round - 20 mentors and 23 mentees and we are currently signing up our third cohort.

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