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Dr Amira Halperin

Media Technology; Terror and Radicalisation; The Palestinian Social Media and Politics; The Palestians in the UK; UK and Israel Relations; Antisemitism and Delegitimization; Middle Eastern Refugee Policy, integration in Western countries, and technological solutions.

אורנה מזרחי

Dr Amira Halperin is an established scholar specializes in media technology, refugees, and Palestinian social media and politics. For many years, she worked as an Investigative Journalist and TV Correspondent for large media organisations, including BBC Television in London, UK, where she investigated Islamist radicalization.

In the last 20 years, Amira has been working in Europe, North America, East Asia, and the Middle East, in collaboration with NGOs, policy makers, and technological companies, both as a journalist, and as a university professor.

In 2018, her pioneering research, of the Palestinian Diaspora, was published as a book. Amira achieved unprecedented access to the Palestinian community in the United Kingdom. The book explores issues of politics, conflict resolution, and new media. Dr Halperin worked at the top research university, The University of British Columbia, where she conducted research on the Syrian refugees who fled to Canada.

Amira is international media commentator, and has been interviewed on various topics, including, the Palestinian community, radicalisation & terrorism, Middle Eastern refugee integration in Western countries, and refugees & emerging technologies. Dr Halperin obtained an MA in International Journalism, and a PhD in Communication and Media, from the leading Communication and Media Research Institute, University of Westminster, London, UK.

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