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Gila Klifi-Amir

IDF, security, gender, infrastructure

אורנה מזרחי

Brig. Gen. (res.) Gila Klifi-Amir retired from the IDF in August 2012 after a 30-year-long career. 

In her last role in the IDF she served as Advisor to the Chief of Staff for Women's Affairs. In this capacity Gila was responsible for the various gender-related issues relating to women’s service in the military. 

During her tenure Brig. Gen. Klifi-Amir led process to integrate a gender-oriented planning and decision making process within the IDF with regards to formulating policy, weapons development programs and training in the IDF. 

Prior to that, Gila served in various professional positions within the IDF including Head of Training for the Combat Support Services, Head of the Infrastructure Department in the Planning Division of the General Staff and Commander of the IDF's Basic Training Base. 

As Head of the Infrastructure Department in the Planning Division, Gila was responsible for the establishment and institutionalisation of a body in the military administration that leads the infrastructure projects, and defines the policy of the defense establishment regarding physical planning - including leading the move of several IDF bases to southern Israel.

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