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Idit Shafran Gittleman

Philosophy of Morality, Political Philosophy, Morality and Law in War, Women's Service in the IDF, Military-Social Relations

אורנה מזרחי

Dr. Idit Shafran Gittleman is the Head of the Army Program and member of the Israel Democracy Institute.

Shes served as a postdoctoral research fellow in the Faculty of Law at Tel Aviv University, at the GlobalTrust Center and at the Minerva Center for the Rule of Law in Extreme Situations at the Faculty of Law at the University of Haifa.

She teaches in the Department of Government at the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) in Herzliya.

Dr. Shafran Gittleman holds a bachelor's degree in music and a bachelor's degree in philosophy. She also holds a master's degree in philosophy and a doctorate in law. The topic of her doctoral dissertation is the preference of relatives in time of war.

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