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Lior Finkel Perl

Israeli/Palestinian peace organisations, international aid and international development

אורנה מזרחי

Lior is the CEO of the Israeli Civic Leadership Association (Civic Leadership), an umbrella organisation of the third sector, non-profit organisations (NPO’s) throughout Israel. 

The organization’s goal is to increase the third sector influence by representing its interests at the government, Knesset and regulatory levels. 

Lior previously served as Deputy Director of the Israeli Society for International Development (SID). 

Lior also served as a political advisor and parliamentary assistant to Knesset Member Ilan Gilon, and prior to that she was a government relations advisor to non-profit organizations and social organizations. 

Lior was a research fellow at the Etkin program at King's College in London, where her research focused on the role of women in peace negotiations. 

She participated in various international programs for young politicians, including the ACYPL delegation to the United States on behalf of the American Council of Young Political Leaders.

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