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Sima Vaknin Gill

intelligence, data based action campaigns, the delegitimisation campaign against Israel, BDS, combatting antisemitism

אורנה מזרחי

Brig. Gen. (Res.) Sima Vaknin Gill former intelligence officer in the Israeli air force, the Chief Censor of the state of Israel and Director General of the Ministry of Strategic Affairs and Public Diplomacy. 

Expert in Intelligence work, Data based action and campaigns, the De-lgitimization campaign against Israel, the BDS movement and Antisemitism. 

Sima joined the Israel Air Force in 1984 and served for more than 20 years in various positions in the Research and Operational Intelligence departments. 

During that time she was involved in dozens of complex operations, in low and high intensity conflicts and directly oversaw major operational and intelligence initiatives in the Air Force and the IDF. 

In 2005 Sima was appointed Chief Censor of Israel by the Defense Minister and IDF Chief of Staff, charged with the protection of Israel's security secrets and interests and balancing that with freedom of expression. 

After retiring in July 2016, she was appointed by the Government as the Ministry of Strategic Affair Director General; she formulated the strategy of the campaign against delegitimization and BDS, created and ran the Task Force in the ministry and oversaw all of the ministry's activities, foremost among them, its operations to counter delegitimization and BDS. 

She also established Concert – a joint Project between the Israeli gov. and Jewry. 

Sima holds a B.A. in Middle Eastern Studies and International Relations and an MA in National Security Studies from the National Defense College. 

Currently she is involved in several initiatives to combating Anti-semitism.

She is among the founders of Combat Antisemitism movement - a global grassroots interfaith movement. She is on the advisory board of ISGAP - an Oxford based research institute which deals with contemporary antisemitism. 

She is also a strategic advisor to NCRI - Network Contagion Research Institute in US which decipher extremism on the web and currently involved in erecting a net of Centers of Disinformation Defence. Together with her partner in Strategic Impact inc. she leads several global initiatives and consult to organizations, media outlets and countries in the fight against antisemitism.

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