Forum Dvorah's roster of experts is used by the Forum to promote women in professional panels, conferences, media interviews and articles, with the aim of encouraging a more substantial  representation of women on issues relevant to the organisations' activities.

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Cochav Elkayam Levy

International Law, Human Rights, Gender, Separation of Church and State

Avital Leibovich

Media, Israel Advocacy, Public Diplomacy

Lia Tsur

risks management, embezzlement and fraud prevention, cyber risks in business processes, organisational continuity

Einat Meyron

Cyber, Resilience, Cyber and Business Threats

Rahav Shalom-Revivo

Fintech, Cyber, Innovations

Naama Aviad

Arab Spring, Music and Politics, Jordan, Palestinians

Elisheva Machlis

Iraq, the Arab Shi‘a, Sunni-Shi‘i Relations, Iran

Darya Henig Shaked

Entrepreneurship, Venture Capital, Gender Equality in Innovation and Investment

Aviva Raz Shechter

Middle East, International Organizations, UNSCR 1325, Women, Peace and Security, Combating Antisemitism

Naama Klar

Jewish Peoplehood, Jewish Diaspora, US Jewish Communities, Strategy, Policy

Anat Avrahami Marom

Israeli society, immigration, education

Liat Biron

Gender, peace and security, women in conflict zones, humanitarian action, prevention and treatment of violence against women

Sarit Zahavi

Syria, Lebanon, Iran, Middle East, Strategy, Israel's Northern Border, National Security

Dahlia Scheindlin

Public opinion, political analysis, foreign policy, Israeli politics, Israeli-Palestinian conflict, conflict resolution, comparative conflict analysis, campaigns and elections

Dina Lisnyansky

Security, Immigration, Terrorism, Radicalisation, Middle East

Karine Nahon

media, information science, communications, ethics, regulation and artificial intelligence

Talia Dekel-Fleissig

Israeli society, politics, Middle East, journalism

Michal Totchani

Technology, Policy, Human Rights

Yaël Ronen

Human Rights, Humanitarian Law and International Criminal Law

Pnina Shuker

Public opinion and foreign policy, impact executives, national strategy and security, decision making