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Forum Dvorah's roster of experts is used by the Forum to promote women in professional panels, conferences, media interviews and articles, with the aim of encouraging a more substantial  representation of women on issues relevant to the organisations' activities.

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Russia, former Soviet Union, European foreign and security policy

Vera Michlin-Shapir

Modern Turkey

Efrat Aviv

Security studies, political science, women in the military, war rooms, conflict research, India, narrative research

Ayelet Harel-Shalev

Negotiation, Jerusalem, and International Affairs

Colette Avital

Iran, Israeli-Palestinian conflict, regional and international strategic affairs

Sima Shine

negotiations, Israeli-Palestian joint initiatives, transitional justice, mediation.

Einat Ronen

International law, universal law, Israeli society, extradition.

Irit Kohn

Middle-East, Arab World, Jordan, Morocco, Tunisia

Sarah Feuer

US-Israel; Gaza; China; Israeli-Palestinian Conflict; International Relations

Shira Efron

Global terrorism, ISIS, al-Qaeda

Anat Hochberg-Marom

Martial Law, Laws of Occupation, international law, Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Pnina Sharvit Baruch

national resilience, emergency preparedness and decision making, civil preparedness for emergencies

Carmit Rapaport

international relations, nuclear proliferation, nuclear history, Israel-US relations.

Or Rabinowitz

social media and social networks in the Arab world, Arab civil societies

Orit Perlov

Middle East, Palestinian national movement, Islamic fundamentalism,

Anat Kurz

Public opinion and policymaking; social movements and political protest; civil society and its organizations; civic partnership in politics; the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Tamar Hermann

Education, Negotiations; Jewish Education

Nava Eisin

Law, international diplomacy, Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Israel and the UN.

Gabriela Shalev

International law, international relations, law of war, conflict, security, international institutions

Daphné Richemond Barak

military ethics, low-intensity war, humanitarian law, targeted killings, “Just War” theory, Terrorism and Guerrilla Warfare.

Liram Stenzler Koblentz