Forum Dvorah's roster of experts is used by the Forum to promote women in professional panels, conferences, media interviews and articles, with the aim of encouraging a more substantial  representation of women on issues relevant to the organisations' activities.

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Ilana Kwartin

Women's rights in Israel, gender and law, conflict management and resolution

Dalia Rabin

Security, legal issues

Linor Attias

Civil emergencies, leadership, government relations

Efrat Shalvi Leibovitz

Army-Society and Society Communication, Army-Society and Gender Relationships, Images of Masculinity and Femininity in New Media and Traditional Media

Maya Heller

Criminal law, military law, mediation and dispute resolution

Ronit Ben Dor

Foreign Policy, Political-Security, Public Diplomacy, Strategic Thinking, Injury Technologies, International Law

Carmit Valensi

Middle East, Syria, Terrorism, Arab Spring, Military Thinking

Erga Atad

Effective messaging, persuasion and behavior design

Ronit Levavi Morad

Leadership in security organizations, Unit 8200, female organizational change, gender in generations

Idit Shafran Gittleman

Philosophy of Morality, Political Philosophy, Morality and Law in War, Women's Service in the IDF, Military-Social Relations

Talya Sasson

Security, legal issues, settlements

Yael Gvirsman

Internat. criminal law, internat. humanitarian law, human rights law, corporations and human rights, transitional justice, European law, justice mechanisms and dispute resolution

Shay Bialik

UN, Diplomacy, International Relations, Foreign Relations, Feminist Economics, Economics, OECD, Sustainability, Corporate Responsibility

Naomi Chazan

People for People, Negotiations, Jerusalem, Peace Movements, Democracy in Israel

Carice Witte

Sino-Israeli relations, China in the Middle East, China’s foreign policy, Impact of US-China Rivalry

Dona Raz Levy

Public policy, foreign relations, business development

Orna Sasson-Levy

Women in the military, peace movements, feminist theory, gender identities, militarism and gender

Talya Gazit

Digital Transformation, Technology Education, Technology, Cyber

Galia Lavi

China, China-Israel Relations, Chinese Belt and Road Initiative, China-US Relations

Galit Palzur

Economy, risk management, disaster preparedness and extreme events, climate and environment